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Gasp! Could these people possibly be clones of FMA characters?!
Because we all know there's some sort of creepy clone conspiracy going on.
The clones are coming! 
6th-Sep-2009 03:05 am
Hello! I got stamped a looong time ago, on another account, so I'm just curious to see if my results will be any different~

Newest to oldest, for I am currently a blonde. That may change in a week though. You never know. >>
20th-Oct-2009 04:58 am (UTC)
Sorry, I may have gotten that wrong the first time. xD

I'm not sure if they refer to her as Dante or Lyra now. It's been awhile, and I don't really watch the anime as much read the manga.

However, the wryness in your grin really does remind me of the punky Martel.
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