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Gasp! Could these people possibly be clones of FMA characters?!
Because we all know there's some sort of creepy clone conspiracy going on.
20th-Oct-2009 12:19 am

I so happened across... and this com looks dead! D: But I'd like to try posting anyhow. I have a couple collage pieces I did for Graphic Art, so I'll post those, instead of spamming. Note: I didn't edit any of the photos themselves, save the two filtered/rotated ones. (If these aren't acceptable, just run me a note, and I'll repost after I dig up some photos. ;9)

Enjoy some cam-whorage.

Looking forward for your input, and I don't mind opposite genders, either.

20th-Oct-2009 09:19 pm (UTC)
Winry or Havoc. I think the Winry part is partly just because of the bandana/head-wrap-thing, though.
21st-Oct-2009 02:50 am (UTC)
Personally, i think Edward fits you pretty well.
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